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"They are the runners in the sun,

Breathless and blinded by the race,

But we are watchers in the shade

Who speak with Wonder face to face."

-Sara Teasdale-

"Songs In A Hospital - Open Windows"

Highmeadow, Monday, January 8, 1940

Dearest one~

A wise man once wrote that to be with the person one loves is enough--to be by their side even while thinking of the most inconsequential things--not even speaking--nothing else is important.

I dreamt last night I was surrounded by you; the rhythm of your heart against mine, our skin and breath melting together once again. Then, when I woke this morning, I reached for you only to find half of myself missing.

You are my shelter, my shade against the noonday sun, the deep pool where I drink my fill of sweet, soothing waters. I am awed--transported beyond my dreams. When age overcomes us, I will still quiver with desire at the memories.


Sandy Run, January 2002

When I found this letter, marking the above poem in a volume sent to me by my "Tante" K, I was intrigued. I knew she had not married until months after it was written. When I wrote to reveal my find to her and ask her about it, our correspondence set me on a project that continues to this day.

K Quentin Keene, my "Tante" K, was reunited with her dearest one at the end of the road to death last Christmas, but my goal of editing and footnoting her personal writings remains. They will seem ordinary to some, a mere curiosity to others. I hope they will show the personal side of events that are today becoming too soon forgotten.

CJ Carnahan



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